Colombia, La Esperanza

Finca La Esperanza is overseen by Andrés Trujillo, a pioneering producer seeking to re-think Colombian processing. In a country where natural processed coffee is seen asan exciting rarity, Andrés has already dedicated 100% of his Tolima farms output to shade-dried natural lots.

He has also transitioned to organic certification as a move to appeal to different sectors of the coffee industry and ensure he has multiple opportunities for selling his coffee. This awareness of the environment’s impact on productivity and quality is evident with a deep array of tropical flavours in each cup.

Country:  Colombia

Producer:   Finca La Esperanza

Process:  Natural

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Colombia 


Delivery on standard item is 2-3 days. Subscriptions and large items may require longer delivery times. We will contact you with a delivery estimate if your order can not be delivered within our standard timeframe.

Environmental Impact

All our packaging should be recycled in domestic curbside recycling or at your local recycling centre.

We are almost a waste free business & constantly track and measure our waste and impact on the environment.


We have specifically sourced our packing so it can be recycled.

Our coffee bags are made from LDPE - 4, which can be taken anywhere that recycles plastic bags (supermarkets & council sites). Everything else we use can be put in domestic curbside recycling.


We roast once a week in batches to reduce our carbon footprint. So your coffee might not arrive the next day.

Direct Trade

Whilst Fairtrade (TM) is a great, we believe directly buying from producers means all the money goes to straight to them.