Yetu Tamu, Tanzania (peaberry)


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Yetu Tamu translates as "Our coffee is sweet", which is a very apt description of this wonderful peaberry coffee from the Mambo Cooperative Union in Tanzania. Founded in 2011, the cooperative's mission is to support and improve the distribution of speciality coffee prices back to the farming communities.

Picked over several weeks, the cherries are collected at their ripest before being centrally processed and transported for distribution by the Tanzanian Coffee Board. After that, the coffee is both hand and laser sorted again to remove any defects and any accidentally picked unripe beans at Mambo's facility in Morogoro.

This particular coffee is Peaberry, which means that rather than the usual two coffee beans growing inside the cherry, giving coffee beans their distinct flat sides, just one bean has grown producing a circular coffee bean. Originally thought of as a defect in the coffee, this has now become desired, and is sorted into its very own type, generally sold by itself.


Country: Tanzania

Producer: Mamco Cooperative Union

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon & Kent