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This blend has been hailed our best espresso by our cafe customers, and we have to say, they're not wrong. We are in love with the newly named Scout blend - with its good acidity, sweet lingering finish and notes of chocolate and orange, it's an all round winner.


70% Colombia Agustino Forest, Washed, Caturra

20% Brazil, Ipanema Estate, Pulped Natural, Yellow Bourbon

10% Ethiopia, Moata


Don't be put off thinking that coffee is only for espresso machines though. It is the coffee that we use in our cafe, but it's designed to be a coffee that everyone will enjoy. Try it in a French Press, Aeropress, Stove Top or in Filter, and you won't be disappointed. Each brew method will showcase the coffee slightly differently, but that's the joy of home brewing!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.