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The tiny Itaka Quality Coffee group formed just 10 years ago with 14 small holder farmer members. The members have grown to 24 farms and it is still very much a family business. Although this is a washed coffee, the lot is composed of 'home processed' coffee, meaning it is all pulped and dried at the farmers individual homes whilst ensuring every process is executed carefully to withhold the high quality.

It is all milled in Mbozi and sent to the Tanzania Coffee Board before being auctioned.

Each bag of green coffee we receive has a code on it which we can use to trace the coffee right back to the farm it was harvested from, which is pretty awesome!

Country : Tanzania

Farm: Itaka Quality Coffee Group, Mbeya, various smallholders

Masl: 1,620

Process: Washed

Varietal: Kent & Bourbon

Tasting notes: Clementine and vanilla stand out on a velvety body of dried fruit and syrupy caramel.