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We have found the mug of our dreams. If you're anything like us, when you wake up, the first thing you want is a great big mug of delicious filter coffee or a giant cup of tea. There's a time and a place for a dainty cup, and this is not it. No. Now is the time to be awesome and rugged.

We've collaborated with the rather excellent Anchored Threads over in the USA to bring you the Rugged Mug. Each one is handmade and handstitched in the USA, and is designed to last - it's one of those beautiful creations that you can keep forever.

Hand dyed with natural, eco friendly dye and finished with a beeswax and oil mixture to ensure longevity, these will make your drinking pleasure infinitely better. The sleeve comes off for easy cleaning of the mason jar, but just think - each little mark on the leather will make your mug perfectly unique to you.

Available in black or antique brown.