La Marzocco Linea Mini



Bringing cafe quality espresso brewing into your home - the Linea Mini is the most gorgeous domestic espresso machine we've ever come across.

With the design and functionality based on the much loved Linea Classic commercial espresso machine, the Linea Mini will look great in any kitchen. It warms up in under 10mins, and you can steam milk just as well as with any commercial espresso machine.

Complete with milk jug, 2 brew handles (one single spout and one double spout) , 3 baskets, 1 blind basket, a tamper and some cleaning powder

We absolutely adore this machine, and it comes in 6 colours, so there's something for everyone.

Please email us for latest prices and shipment dates.

NB - These are not available for next day despatch, so please contact us if you have time specific needs to ensure we can get your new machine to you in time.