We believe in good coffee, really good coffee. Whether you like to make your own at home, or you love the indulgence of having your coffee made in front of you, we think coffee should always be made with passion and dedication.

Our story started back in 2007, when Adeline set up Weanie Beans with the aim of bringing good coffee to the streets of west London. She soon had to get helpers on the stalls, and the business has now grown to the extent where we've installed a much loved 15kg roaster and moved into a larger warehouse space, at the Islands of King Castle in North London.

We roast our coffee in small batches, creating delicious blends, as well as bringing out the very best that each coffee has to offer. Our range is always evolving, and as we only buy what is at its best in each season, you'll find our offer changing quite frequently. We believe that the coffee farmers deserve to be paid a fair price, so all our coffee is direct trade or fair trade, and you can find out more about the individual coffees and estates on each product page.

We continue to make outstanding coffee, both at our markets, and also at events around Europe, where we build bespoke coffee bars to fit the clients' needs.

 Want to know more? 0203 441 5521 - info@weaniebeans.com

Adeline is the seed in all of this. She started out in retail before moving to a buying office, then decided to chuck the lot in to pursue her passion in coffee. She changes her hair colour a lot. No-one really knows why.
Scott is the one who makes things like packaging look nice and makes the website do things the rest of us could only dream of. He’s also a drummer in a pretty awesome band.
Pepe is an all round legend. He can be found roasting coffee and developing masterful blends during the week, and is occasionally around to make you coffee on the carts at the weekends. When he's not all about the coffee, it's bicycles all the way. Talk to him about Brooklyns and Rourkes and other things the non-cyclists amongst us don't understand. He's also a reliable source for good music.
Jess Jess is an enthusiastic specialty coffee lover from East London. Now spending her days making sure Weanie Beans gets the recognition it deserves, whilst eating her way around East London as a food blogger. You will find her in the roastery or cycling around with Weanie Beans coffee and her filofax. 
After all the incredible work he's put in for us, it would be impossible not to include James in this most wonderful of line ups. Creator of the original Weanie Beans website, and now our in house carpenter, he can be found undertaking the build and design of our events and market carts. He's also soon to be a dad. Very exciting.
Lily is a master of many trades, and a jack of none - a true gem. She made amazing coffee for us before moving to Bristol to study Maths at university (She's VERY clever)
Ben L used to work with us on the markets and had an amazing passion for coffee, when he wasn't with us, he was to be found at the Espresso Room in central London. He left us to pursue a 6 month internship in Cambodia, and though we'd hoped he'd come back and see us on his return, it turns out he's off to Vancouver next to do a PHD. Clever clogs. He's into skateboarding and rides a pretty cool bike.
Lorenzo joined us with an extreme passion for coffee, but in the end, his love of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu won him.
Ben M used to work with us at Barnes market. A master at the art of espresso, he's since started his own coffee cart and can be found making awesome coffee in the East End(ish) of town. 
Dom was with us over a summer, and alongside his excellent coffee skills is apparently a dab hand at pulling pints too. We found out he has a penchant for playing acoustic versions of classic 80s songs. We can't wait to hear them. He's now busy studying for a film degree.
Mark was with us for the long haul, until he decided to go travelling around South America, then took his beautiful wife back home to Australia. He's since come back to London and is going back into his career in advertising. You’ll often find Mark on an incredible bicycle.
Anabel used to be found at our central London cart. Nowadays, she’s most likely acting in something incredible, because Anabel is actually a superstar.