Scott and Adeline have lived in Edlesborough for the past three years. An aspirational young couple working together to organically grow a successful business with their coffee roastery in North London. Weanie Beans roasts small batches of specialty coffee selling to cafes, businesses and restaurants thoughout the UK, continuing to advocate British production. From their knowledge and experience of cafe culture and their passion for raising a family in their picturesque neighbourhood, this has lead them open Heirloom, a village cafe in Edlesborough.

First and foremost Heirloom is a high quality variety of coffee bean from Ethiopia. Furthermore an heirloom is also an old plant variety that is cultivated again and again, along with a family possession handed down from generation to generation. The various definitions of Heirloom display the framework of the cafe; from developing a lasting business to their background in specialty coffee.

Scott and Adeline have two young children, whilst enjoying village life, their vision for this cafe is a way of bring the community closer together. They will achieve this goal by creating a warm social hub for everyone, welcoming families, couples and individuals. The village cafe is a positive environment for the neighbourhood to enjoy, a commonplace for people to gather.

Heirloom has seating for around thirty people and whether you are coming in for a well crafted cup of specialty coffee or a delicious homemade meal, you will be welcomed.

The impact of a local cafe goes beyond a room to chat or a space to work, this small business benefits local people by creating jobs, supporting local food producers and continuing to strengthening the community.

Heirloom serve a seasonal daily menu from breakfast to lunch, and light dinner dishes, with local produce at the heart of all of them. Alongside this they serve Weanie Beans coffee, their very own specialty coffee, lovingly roasted in the roastery less than forty miles away. The origins of their food and drink is incredibly important to them, highlighting the quality of well sourced fresh British produce and supporting local farmers; with the desire to even include homegrown ingredients. The menu and coffee change seasonally to reflect the periodic change of crops and ingredients. As the cold nights expect a selection of colourful winter salads, warming soups, spiced hot chocolate and of course exceptional coffee throughout.

The objective for Heirloom is to bring Edlesborough and the surrounding villages even closer together. From their care and consideration of using local produce where possible and creating an environment to build and enhance the community this will give the cafe its integral purpose. This new local business will create a positive social impact on our growing community.