The art of coffee chocolate

We are super excited to announce a fabulously tasty collaboration with good friends Creightons chocolaterie in Leighton buzzard. We have given them our powerhouse dark roasted Citizen Kane blend to be hand crafted with their amazing dark chocolate, the results are phenomenal.

Creightons was founded by mother/daughter team Andrea Huntington and Lucy Elliot back in 2010, British chocolate brand that promises you an ever changing, playful range of hand crafted artisan chocolate products with beautiful designs.

This season they are bringing out their most creative flavour pairings and striking designs to date. Bringing you new chocolates bars that show case and celebrate the best and most in season flavours from around the world. These include a Japanese inspired bar with white chocolate, matcha and cherry blossom.

Enter Citizen Kane, which was given the job by Creightons of updating and refreshing their dark chocolate bar for 2018. Our coffee is an old school style dark roast that gives drinkers bold flavours and a powerful body, this lends itself perfectly to Creightons dark cocoa as it allows tasting notes full of chocolate and nutty flavours to shine through, not only does this coffee make you bright eyed with its caffeine fix but the combination of two very dark chocolatey products gives the final taste even more rich flavours with a smooth treacle like sweetness and hazelnut finish that shines through against the strong cocoa.

Creightons have created an awesome Weanie beans inspired design for their bright eyed coffee chocolate bar, so don't miss out on your chance to try this fascinating and amazing tasting chocolate bar!