• Wednesday's advent treat!

    Yippee! It's hump day again!

    Celebrate with 15% off our Chocolate Coffee Bean Trio gift set until midnight tonight!



    Today's code is ADVENT10 

  • Tuesday 9th - Advent Calendar

    What's behind the door for today? I hear you cry




    Well, it's another awesome treat, this time 10% off coffee! Oh yes, save a mighty 10% on all our coffees, so get stocked up in time for Christmas - you'd hate to run out at the crucial time, wouldn't you? Eeeeek!




    Use the code ADVENT9 to claim your discount at the checkout.

  • A Monday treat!

    Yes, start your week the right way with FREE SHIPPING in the UK. We'll pay the postage on all your orders for today only - all UK orders will be sent with guaranteed delivery before Christmas, so make the most of it and get all your presents at once!


    MONDAYS ARE AWESOME. Happy 8th December Advent Calendar day!


    Use the code ADVENT8 to claim your free shipping at the checkout.

  • Sunday 7th Advent Bonus

    Today, save a tremendous 15% off Chilli Hot Chocolate. This is one of our cult favourites, and at this time of the year in particular, is one of best sellers. It tastes spectacular, with enough of a kick to give you the extra little warmth you want on a cold day, and is a an indulgent treat for any hot chocolate lover.

    It's super easy to make - just stir it into hot milk, but you can make it a little bit more indulgent by gently heating the milk on the stove and stirring in the chocolate mix, add a little splash of cream at the end, a grating of dark chocolate, and if it's appropriate, a splash of dark rum. Winner.


    Use the code ADVENT7 to claim your 15% off at the checkout.

  • Saturday! Saturday! Saturday 6th Advent Calendar!

    Isn't there an Elton John song that starts with 'Saturday! Saturday!'? That's how all my Saturdays start anyway, I wake up belting that at the top of my voice. (In my head. I'd break windows actually singing.)

    Onto the treat for today.... Spend £40 and save a cheeky fiver at the checkout! That's basically free money. How can your weekend get any better than that?

    Use the code ADVENT6 at the checkout to save £5 on your order.

    And don't forget we're at Barnes Farmers' market today, so if you want an extra big Weanie Beans fix, then we'll be there waiting to serve you with some tasty coffee from 9am - 2pm.