• Hell of the north 2015

    Rapha Cycle Club are bringing along their kitted out Citroen van and smashing out some stellar coffees at this year's Hell of the North. We're delighted to be their chosen coffee supplier again!

  • Secret Stash!

    You know that amazing feeling you get when you put your hand in an old coat pocket and pull out a crumpled old ten pound note that you'd forgotten you had?

    We got that feeling today, when we found the teeniest amount of El Salvador, Finca Bosque Lya hidden at the back of our bags of coffee. We roasted it up straight away and that super amazing find means that we have the teeniest amount available to buy online.... It's the 2013/14 harvest, which is still tasting incredible... we're hoping to see the next harvest arrive towards the end of February, but as so many of you told us how much you loved the Bosque Lya, we thought you should be the first to know that we have a little bit available.


  • Tuesday 9th - Advent Calendar

    What's behind the door for today? I hear you cry




    Well, it's another awesome treat, this time 10% off coffee! Oh yes, save a mighty 10% on all our coffees, so get stocked up in time for Christmas - you'd hate to run out at the crucial time, wouldn't you? Eeeeek!




    Use the code ADVENT9 to claim your discount at the checkout.

  • World Exclusive Micro Lot

     We had a very small batch of natural coffee from Finca La Argentina, Nicaragua a couple of months ago; it was from a tiny production lot, something of an experiment for the farm, who are working to process the same coffees in a variety of different methods. The aim is to see which methods work best with which varietal, whilst maintaining excellent production standards throughout the chain.


    We absolutely adored the coffee, and we had some great feedback, with a number of cafes running it as a single origin espresso guest coffee. So I am so delighted that La Argentina produced another lot, and I am even more delighted to say that we have managed to secure the exclusivity of it. We're expecting the new crop to arrive within the next couple of weeks.


    The coffee makes a delicious espresso, but we roast it pretty light to really bring out the best of it, so it's also ideal for filter brewing.


    You can pre-order it online here.

  • New season, new coffees


    Despite what recent weather would make you think, Autumn is definitely here. You can't stop the leaves from turning brown, and nor can you stop the oncoming Guy Fawkes' celebrations.....

    So, as much as we've been in denial about it, we finally succumbed, and the outcome is our wonderful Autumn Espresso blend. It's as different from our summer blend as you would expect - moving from a fruity and spicy coffee to one with a bit more body, and a lot more praline sweetness. It's a coffee that reminds you of nougat and praline, and maple syrup and all those wonderful things that go hand in hand with Autumn.

    It's available now, and we'll likely have it until around Christmas time, so make sure you try some while you have the chance.

    The cafes we supply will have made the switch by now, or will be soon, so you'll soon have a chance to try a brew near you.

    We're off to eat toffee apples - surely the only time of year that dipping an apple in that much sugar is acceptable, right?