• Introducing : The Rugged Mug

    If you're anything like us, you need a big old mug of coffee to get you going in the morning - something that filter coffee provides is the opportunity to brew a great bit vat of it and share it (or not) with your loved one(s).

    As much as we love a dinky 5oz coffee, or an espresso when we're out and about, at home, it's all about wrapping your hands around a big mug and taking your time to enjoy your brew. WIth that in mind, we've teamed up with awesome US based Nathan and Amanda to make us, what we believe, are the best mugs ever.

    A hand cut, hand stitched leather sleeve is pressed together and wrapped around the great british classic kilner jar. They are the perfect size for your breakfast coffee and come in black or chestnut. They are also great for beer. Or mojitos. Just saying..... 

  • Espresso Tonics

    It's been the summer of cold brew coffee for the last year, but this year, we're trying something different. Come along to one of our carts to try an espresso tonic - a mind blowingly awesome concoction that will have you questioning where this has been all your life.

    A cup of ice is covered with tonic water and topped up with a perfectly extracted espresso.

    The combination is spectacular and incredibly refreshing - and there's a whole world of coffee flavoured options out there - the whole drink changes with each coffee, from a fruit packed Ethiopian to a dark chocolate El Salvador - it's awesome.

  • Crew Coffee

    We're on location at West London Film Studios for the next two weeks; they've a very full schedule with all the stages booked out, and we're here to keep casts and crews fuelled and ready to face the day!  It's always good fun to make coffee on sets, as you never know who will be up to order coffee from you - there's nothing much more fun than serving someone in period costume, and the next person coming along in a superhero outfit. Much fun.

  • Lost Sheep

    No, not the kind that Mary lost; but the oh-so wonderful coffee pod Lost Sheep on St George's Lane in Canterbury. Go there this week to taste our Finca La Argentina as guest espresso. Tell Mike we said hello. They are doing an incredible job of showcasing delicious coffees, and their stand alone, self contained kiosk is really something quite special.

  • Welcome to Kent.

    We're super delighted to be supplying some coffees to the wonderful Water Lane Coffee House in Canterbury. 

    Go in there to check out our Spring Espresso and Finca La Argentina as a guest espresso. Luke and the team are running a really beautiful shop with some banging coffees and have recently expanded to serve their own home-made eating goodies.