• Sunday 7th Advent Bonus

    Today, save a tremendous 15% off Chilli Hot Chocolate. This is one of our cult favourites, and at this time of the year in particular, is one of best sellers. It tastes spectacular, with enough of a kick to give you the extra little warmth you want on a cold day, and is a an indulgent treat for any hot chocolate lover.

    It's super easy to make - just stir it into hot milk, but you can make it a little bit more indulgent by gently heating the milk on the stove and stirring in the chocolate mix, add a little splash of cream at the end, a grating of dark chocolate, and if it's appropriate, a splash of dark rum. Winner.


    Use the code ADVENT7 to claim your 15% off at the checkout.

  • Saturday! Saturday! Saturday 6th Advent Calendar!

    Isn't there an Elton John song that starts with 'Saturday! Saturday!'? That's how all my Saturdays start anyway, I wake up belting that at the top of my voice. (In my head. I'd break windows actually singing.)

    Onto the treat for today.... Spend £40 and save a cheeky fiver at the checkout! That's basically free money. How can your weekend get any better than that?

    Use the code ADVENT6 at the checkout to save £5 on your order.

    And don't forget we're at Barnes Farmers' market today, so if you want an extra big Weanie Beans fix, then we'll be there waiting to serve you with some tasty coffee from 9am - 2pm.

  • 5th December Advent Calendar.


    It's Friday! Time to look behind today's creaky door.

    Ooooh! Looky here, £5 off the Hario Buono 1L pouring kettle! That beautiful bit of kit you've been lusting after for the last few weeks has suddenly become even more attractive. No more making your morning brew with the boring kettle in your kitchen, with the Hario Buono kettle, you can make your coffee even better. With its long, curved spout you have more control over the speed and direction of the pour, meaning a perfectly evenly saturated coffee. 


    It looks so beautiful that anyone would want this in their kitchen, use it as a proper kettle by putting it on the stove (it works on all stoves except induction hobs), or simply use is a vessel and pour hot water into it. 


    To claim your £5 off, use the code ADVENT5 at the checkout.

  • It's December 4th! Time for a new bonus for you.

    Yeah! Thursdays rock! It's nearly the weekend, most of us feel like it's the end of the working week because we've ploughed through the first few things on the to-do list, and that always makes you feel like you've achieved something marvellous. Thursdays are a good day for going out for lunch. Leave the desk, forget the limp sandwich, go out for a pub lunch. Thursday tips  are provided free of charge. 

    Anyway, for today's super awesome Weanie Beans Advent Calendar bonus treat, you save 10% on subscription coffees. That's the equivalent of a 5 weeks of coffee for free! Imagine what you could do with all that extra caffeine! All that extra good coffee in your life, now you know it's a possibility, can you really go without? Get a subscription for a friend too and you will be loved for at least the next 52 weeks.


    Use the code ADVENT4 at the checkout to claim your super awesome treat.

  • Advent treat for December 3rd.

    Happy Hump Day everyone!

    We're kicking off our advent calendar with a pretty marvellous 20% off Assorted Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. These are our most popular chocolate covered coffee beans, mostly because they are super tasty, but also because it saves you from having to make the choice between white, milk and dark chocolate.


    The great thing with these being on offer so early in the month is that you can get some as stocking fillers, then conveniently forget you bought them by the time Christmas actually arrives, leaving you plenty of time to 'rediscover' them once you've eaten through your selection packs and scoff the lot without having to share.



    Use the code ADVENT3 at the checkout to claim your discount treat.